Could you use the SQLite backend for Takusen?

Luke Plant has been working on a Haskell-based blogging application for a while now, and describing his progress. I was dismayed to read today that he’s giving up!

One of his main complaints was with regards to the poor state of the available Haskell database interfacing libraries. He does mention Takusen, which a colleague of mine has been using for a personal project of his own. But Takusen doesn’t appear useful to Luke, due to a lack of a proper MySQL backend.

It does, however, offer a SQLite backend. I think it may be more acceptable for the type of project that Luke is working on. One of the main constraints here is the limited capabilities of the Web host being used. This is where SQLite excels. It stores its database in a single file, and doesn’t require a server. So one still gets the benefits of a fairly mature relational database, without the hassle of dealing with a separate server process.

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