Why subject yourself to the pain of Windows Vista?

There is currently an article at Yahoo! News that takes a look back on how the market has so far reacted to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. It covers a lot of the problems that many people have experienced when using Vista. And after reading the article, I find myself asking a pretty important question: Why would one subject himself or herself to the problems of Windows Vista?

One reason is likely ignorance, especially when it comes to the general populace. They bought a new PC, it came with Vista pre-installed, and so they use it. But I find that somewhat difficult to believe these days. Many would-be computer purchasers are aware of Apple’s offerings, specifically Mac OS X. In many computer retail outlets, systems from Apple are displayed right next to typical PC systems running Windows Vista. So if you’re looking at the PC running Vista, you will no doubt also notice the Apple systems running OS X.

Of course, there are also a number of viable alternatives to Windows Vista and Mac OS X. Some of the most notable are Linux, FreeBSD and Sun’s Solaris. When it comes to Linux, the Ubuntu distribution is often recommended, and is indeed a very mature and reliable system for most home users.

The main reason may still be what it was a decade ago: gaming. Although the availablity of games for systems like Linux and Mac OS X has improved over the past ten years, Windows is still the leader in this area. But we need to ask, is it really worth the hassle of using Vista for the sake of a few games? I would think not!

Regardless, it will be interesting to watch the adoption of Windows Vista over the next six months, especially considering the relatively strong competition it is facing from rivals such as Ubuntu and Mac OS X. Home desktop users are living in a time diversity, and it is my hope that they will use this opportunity to broaden their horizons, and use alternative operating systems that may reduce or eliminate the hassles they have experienced in the past. Best of all, they may even find their productivity greatly boosted!

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