The Power Of A 500 MHz Pentium III System With 128 MB of RAM

Thanks to an article on DesktopLinux.com, I was reading about the Asus Eee PC 701 system. One interesting thing about this system is that it will reportedly run a variant of Xandros Desktop Linux. The article goes on to note that this device will apparently have 512 MB of RAM. It’s the paragraph following that [...]

Web browsers are limiting the benefits of multi-core CPUs.

When it comes to purchasing consumer-grade PCs these days, it’s rare to find a system with a CPU that only has a single core. Most laptops even offer a dual-core CPU. So as software developers, we’re entering a unique era where we can start to employ parallelism in ways that would not have been practical [...]

What hardware is suppored by Linux? Almost all of it!

About a decade ago, it was often a problem to get hardware to work with Linux. Even if the device in question was somewhat supported, the Linux drivers available for it at the time may not have been of a very high quality. So your options were to wait until other people improved the driver, [...]

Clarifications About The Downside Of Setting Up A Linux-Based Home Data Server

Yesterday I wrote about some of the problems with taking an old PC, installing a system like Linux on it, and trying to use it as a file server. That article generated some interesting discussion. Specifically, it is the first comment by a poster named “techiem2″ that I will be responding to. I think you [...]