NetBSD is a perfect example of bloat-free software.

There was some discussion at Slashdot recently about bloat-free software. Many people were giving examples such as Firefox, Opera, and GIMP. But when it comes to truly bloat-free software, I think NetBSD is a perfect example. Necessity is part of the reason why NetBSD is bloat-free. A bloated operating system just cannot run on the [...]

No, Java did in fact die.

I was reading this article from David Herron today. It looks back on an article from a decade ago talking about how Java was predicted to be a technology that “doesn’t stand a chance.” David suggests that, “Looking at that 10 years later I can only think the rumors of Java’s death are greatly exaggerated.” [...]

Programmer productivity, feature set implementation, and runtime performance.

When it comes to judging programming languages, there are three main factors that we need to consider: programmer productivity, the application feature set that can be implemented, and the runtime performance of the developed applications. There are, of course, many others, including memory usage, portability, and implementation cost. However, memory is plentiful these days, most [...]

A lack of productivity is killing Smalltalk.

I heard today that the development of Dolphin Smalltalk has been discontinued. Although it isn’t a product I used or was familiar with, I have been involved with a number of Smalltalk-based development efforts in the past. While it was somewhat popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the commercial usage of Smalltalk has [...]