Why subject yourself to the pain of Windows Vista?

There is currently an article at Yahoo! News that takes a look back on how the market has so far reacted to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. It covers a lot of the problems that many people have experienced when using Vista. And after reading the article, I find myself asking a pretty important question: Why would [...]

How do you pronounce ”Ubuntu”?

The Ubuntu FAQ states that “Ubuntu” is pronounced “oo-BOON-too”. But I was talking with a colleague today who pronounced it “you-BUN-too”. I know another guy who pronounces it “ooBOO-un-too”. There are so many different variations! So how do you pronounce “Ubuntu”?

Those are not convincing reasons to use Windows Vista.

Today I was pointed to an article giving 10 reasons to use Windows Vista by a topic over at OSNews. I have read the reasons, and they may very well be factual. My opposition of them mostly derives from the fact that the capabilities listed are nothing new or special. Many of them have been [...]