NetBSD: An Alternative to Xubuntu and Ubuntu Lite for Machines With Low Specs

I know a number of people who advocate the use of Xubuntu on resource-constrained desktop systems. But there has recently been talk about how the resource usage of Xubuntu is growing at a rapid pace. Along these lines, today I read an article that considers the use of Ubuntu Lite as an alternative to Xubuntu [...]

The Power Of A 500 MHz Pentium III System With 128 MB of RAM

Thanks to an article on DesktopLinux.com, I was reading about the Asus Eee PC 701 system. One interesting thing about this system is that it will reportedly run a variant of Xandros Desktop Linux. The article goes on to note that this device will apparently have 512 MB of RAM. It’s the paragraph following that [...]

If you want the features of Solaris, then just use Solaris!

Sun’s Solaris operating system has numerous useful features that really aren’t found in other OSes, including Linux. Every so often I hear a Linux user say, “I’d love to be able to use that feature of Solaris!” One example is in this Slashdot comment, where the poster wishes that there was a ZFS-like filesystem for [...]

Those are not convincing reasons to use Windows Vista.

Today I was pointed to an article giving 10 reasons to use Windows Vista by a topic over at OSNews. I have read the reasons, and they may very well be factual. My opposition of them mostly derives from the fact that the capabilities listed are nothing new or special. Many of them have been [...]