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Others are leaving Ruby on Rails, as well. And it’s not going well.

Several months back, there was somewhat of an uproar in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails communities when it was revealed that after two years of effort, the CD Baby Web site was abandoning their Ruby on Rails rewrite. The CD Baby site was reimplemented in mere months after returning to the use of PHP. [...]

Scalability in the age of Ruby on Rails

As most people involved with Web development know, Ruby on Rails 2.0 was released on December 7. There was some discussion about the release on Slashdot, where I noticed some interesting comments regarding scalability in the age of Ruby on Rails. I found this one comment in particular to be worthy of further examination. The [...]

Why is Web page layout still such a problem?

I was just reading an article about the future of CSS. A main focus of the article is on the extremely poor layout capabilities of CSS. One such paragraph from the article goes a long way towards showing the futility of AJAX development today: CSS is great for simple web style. CSS is awful for [...]

AJAX: the “ricer” of the software development world?

We’ve all seen cars that have been “riced out“. Typically, a rather lousy car has all sorts of doodads and gizmos stuck on it. Sometimes this is done for the sake of the car’s appearance. Sometimes it’s done in a vain attempt to increase the vehicle’s performance. Regardless, what often happens is that it’s a [...]