Web Sites

A great Web developer is a waste of a really great application developer.

Michi Kono recently wrote about how the most talented Web developers are usually also the most talented application developers. I propose that we take it a step further: a great Web developer is usually a superb application developer. Or in a different light, a great Web developer is a waste of a really great application [...]

Equilibrium among the community-based news sites?

I was looking at some of the Alexa statistics comparing the Alexa traffic ranks for a number of the major community-based news sites over the past three years. The sites in question are Slashdot, Digg, Reddit and Netscape. Although I personally am mostly only familiar with Slashdot, I have heard a lot about the others. [...]

Do Diggers actually read the articles they’re digging or burying?

Over at Slashdot, it’s pretty common for people to comment on a story without having actually looked at any of the pages the story summary links to, let alone read the summary itself. Now I’m not overly familiar with Digg, but I do hear an awful lot about that site. A few of my articles [...]

It is essential to validate one’s XHTML.

Anyone who does web development these days knows of XHTML. One of the benefits of XHTML is that it brings some of the strictness of XML to what, at least under previous versions of HTML, was often a free-for-all. It’s quite easy to check that your web page is valid XHTML. The W3C, for instance, [...]